History of Bouvier Pharmacy

In 1900 fire destroyed the St. Jean’s Block on French Hill in Marlborough, MA and with it Cormier’s Drug Store where Joseph A. Bouvier, the son of French immigrants, had served his apprenticeship in pharmacy. When the owner then decided to retire, rather than mourn the loss of his job, Joseph decided to venture out on his own and open the first Bouvier Pharmacy on Lincoln Street.

Joseph grew the business throughout the Great Depression, providing crucial services to customers and the medical community, at times for free, knowing his customers would pay when and as they could. He continued building this reputation for personal, caring service as he ushered his son Alfred and daughter Violet into the business.

The 1950’s saw an expansion of the pharmacy, with Alfred and Violet building the present day location on Lincoln Street in Marlboro in 1952, then in 1955 taking over Carney’s Corner Drug Store on O’Grady’s Block at 44 Main St.

In the 1960’s four of Alfred’s sons became the third generation in the business, purchasing McCook’s Pharmacy in 1975 and opening Surgical Pharmacy, focusing on medical supplies, servicing doctors' offices and hospitals.

During the 1980’s, Alfred Sr., had his sons working alongside him in the family business until his retirement in 1990.

After 112 years, Bouvier Pharmacy has grown to over 20 employees but remains located at 515 Lincoln Street, currently owned and operated by Phil Bouvier and his son Brian, the 4th generation to run the business.  Throughout the company family can be found still carrying on the legacy of service started in 1900, David Bouvier as the manager of the medical equipment department, Meredith as a Pharmacy Technician, Roberta runs Billing and Emily Bouvier (5th Generation) works as a clerk while going to school.